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Sonya is your source of inspiration and guidance for Spiritual Awakening, Gene Keys, and Soul Purpose. Each person is a unique piece in the puzzle of the whole and plays a meaningful role in completing the entire puzzle. As soon as one piece in the puzzle is missing, the picture is incomplete. I am here to accompany you in discovering and embodying your unique piece in the puzzle, full of amazing qualities and archetypal abilities, so that you live in peace, abundance and freedom.

Products & Services

Breathwork mp3

Ascension voyage was created for anyone who desires to feel more vitality, peace and oneness in their life through connected conscious breaths.

your gene key

The gene keys are a “Codebook of consciousness”, linked with the ancient I-Ching, an incredible tool to deeper ‘know thyself’.

personal guidance

Together, we will co-create your custom mentorship program so you may trust, know and love yourself and fully embody your divine blueprint.

Nothing rests, everything move, everything vibrates. At the most fundamental level, the Universe and everything that comprises it is pure vibratory energy manifesting itself in different ways. The Universe has no ‘solidity’, as such. Matter is merely energy in a state of vibration.


Albert Einstein & Nikola Tesla

What People say

Knowing Sonya for the past years have been a true pleasure of discovering a kindred spirit, full of life and spiritual wisdom. Sonya's extensive spiritual practices and commitment to her own ascension journey on the soul level & full sovereignty on the human level has my deepest respect. Her big kind heart and joyful presence is a gift to the world.
Alina P.
Mindfulness Therapist
Since I invested in working with Sonya's Personal Guidance I made giant leap toward inner balance, layers of old beliefs gave way to more alignment with my heart's calling. Just what I was looking for. Wow what great support, I love it! After committing to work on myself, Sonya's intuitive guidance and years of practice inspired my own transformation to unfold!
Kevina T.