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90 Day program

90 Day Holistic Wellness Transformation Program. 

Sonya doesn’t believe in a “one size fits all” way, as we are all unique beings, yet there are basic wellness “truths” that speak for all of us ~ and then there is the uniqueness to take into account to allow for the flow of destiny to happen (What Dr. Deepak Chopra calls our “Synchrodestiny”).
It is shown that 90 days allows us to truly “reboot out system” and align with our higher inner strength and divine essence, developing self-mastery.
If you are feeling that call to transform your Unique Life, to Know Thyself, turning your experience into deeper self-love, embodying your wisdom. Into the Living, Breathing Masterpiece that you are, then I honour your choice in making this important decision!



Your 90 Day Holistic Wellness Transformational Ascension Program also includes :

Astrology, Human Design and Gene Keys charts reviews to “decode” your hologenetic blueprint and know yourself at the deeper soul and biological level.

Akashic field investigation along with release and clearing of field

Yogic wisdom and breahtwork techniques to strengthen at all levels.

Meditations, voice toning and sound baths for deep relaxation and chakra alignment

Complete Body Detox cleanse with ultimate lifestyle Transformational 90 day plan to up level Nutrition and nourish the cellular structure for optimal results.

The importance of including adaptogens, herbs and minerals into your nutrition.

Natural Self-care & beauty practices & rituals

Face & Smiling Yoga : Self-Loving practices for a youthful and radiant face

Learn how to Increase your libido and natural fertility
Heart-Mind Coherence practices (based on the heart-math institute)

Learning to trust your inner wisdom knowing : Intuition

Merge with your soul essence

90 Minute Mentorship Calls Cost : 111$

A 90 Day Holistic Wellness Transformational Ascension Program

In this 90-Day Holistic Wellness Transformation Program, we will discover what is holding you back from having the health your body deserves & break those bad habits from ever coming back again.

Are you ready to take your health & wellness to the next level?

The holistic health program is about transformation, habit change, & results! This 90-day wellness program is designed to optimize your health through nutrition, exercise, recovery, mindfulness, and stress management. Together, our coach will identify and set aside the beliefs and habits that are holding you back. She will create new behaviors that lead to the transformation you are looking for week by week.

You’re stuck, and it’s time for a change. Take action & begin your health and wellness journey to become the best version of yourself through the holistic approach to healthy living! Fitness, meditation, yoga, & healthy nutrition: They all have incredible benefits & a holistic approach to health. You should include them all to build a better you from the inside out with our Holistic Health Programs.

You can achieve all of your health & fitness goals with our 90-Day Holistic Wellness Program at Sonya Sun Heart. This holistic wellness program is tailored toward your unique needs, whether holistic nutrition tools, health tips, best fitness guidance, or any other aspect of your body cleanse. Our coach will take the required steps to help you transform into the happiest, healthiest version of yourself in this program. Your holistic health coach, Sonya, will provide you with the right wellness plan, ongoing support, & accountability to get you to where you always want to be in life.

Like everything in life, what you get from this holistic health and wellness program directly results from what you put in. There are no ‘magic wands’ here. You may want to give up and fall back on your unhealthy habits because, well, it’s just easier. If you are ready to do some real work on yourself, this total wellness program is for you. The 90-day Holistic Self-Awareness Program is not just about your diet and establishing a healthy food plan using holistic nutrition, although it is a large part of your complete body cleanse.​

This 90-Day Holistic Wellness Program will clarify what is driving the behavior that no longer serves you & walks you through small changes that will create new habits and behavior that lead to a vibrant, healthy life. It is time to stop living in the shadow of your chronic condition and step out into the sunlight of a new day. It’s time to thrive!

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