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About Sonya

Sonya Sun Heart is a heart-led, holistic lifestyle ascension guide in divine service to the great evolutionary, higher frequency shift in consciousness that humanity is currently experiencing on the planet ~ also known as “The Great Shift or Great Awakening”. We are moving quickly now into the Aquarian Age and alignement with our higher selves is key to navigate the quickening of this evolutionary cycle.

Her adventurous spirit and direct life experiences with the “Source” (Universe/Spirit/God/Goddess…) along with 2 near death experiences, kundalini awakening, shamanic journeying, transcendental meditations, visions, breathwork sessions, ayahuasca ceremony have all led to a certain ‘embodied wisdom’ and way of knowing and understanding this ‘reality’.

She is deeply dedicated to her own self-realization and ascension process (higher frequency /dimensional reality) as well as our collective one and has developed, through decades of study, courses, seminars & meditation techniques, a deep understanding of this global Ascension journey and the unique process that a soul must go through to embody their best version possible. She is greatly honoured to share her embodied wisdom & guidance with those ready to embark upon this journey together.


Professional certifications, businesses and diplomas

Graphic Design, 1994

Permaculture & Garden Designs , 2012

Transition NDG Cooperative, co-founder, 2013

Human Geography

Community and Public Affairs, B.A.s (Concordia University) 2014

Geobiology, The art & science of connecting to energy with the planet. 2015

Gene Keys Ambassador, 2016

Kundalini Yoga Teacher International Certification, 2017

Ascension Course: 3-Day Seminar, Sedona, Arizona (Sandra Walter)

Divine Feminine Leadership Training, Hawaii (Kaia Ra ‘The Sophia Code’) 2018

Regeneration Oasis Wellness Retreat Centre, Entrepreneur 2018-2020

Reiki Holy Fire (Heart & Soul Sacred Wellness) 2020

Tantra Yoga Massage certification, (Thalia DeVigne) 2020

Breathwork Facilitator (Breath of Bliss Academy ) 2020