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Discover and Embody your Soul Purpose & live your best life!

You are a mystery, an enigma, a unique spark & embodiment of the divine … A living being made up of frequency waves of love-light (also known as DNA) a bio electro-magnetic receiver and transmitter of energy — how incredible is it to know this?!

The gene keys are a “Codebook of consciousness”, linked with the ancient book I-Ching and an incredible tool to deeper ‘know thyself’. I have personally been using this contemplative science for over four years and have witnessed how my life has changed for the better. It has led me to be more authentic and aligned with who I truly am.
Every Shadow contains a Gift

The shadow aspects that are transmuted into gifts allows us to step more fully into our ‘dharma’, the life and service the soul came here to experience.

This new cycle of space-time star alignment, the ‘Age of Aquarius’ we are currently beginning, strongly nudges us to align and harmonize with our true essence so we may be intelligent, responsible co-creators of our reality. The Piscean age of outer “Belief”, religion and war has now moved into the Aquarian Age of inner “Knowing”, peace and self-empowerment.
In your Gene Key Your personal Hologenetic Golden Path reading, we will deep dive into:

  • Your Life’s Work – what is your soul here to DO?
  • Transformation of Self & Purpose
  • Your Evolution – what is your soul here to LEARN?
  •  Love & Relationships
  • Your Radiance – what keeps you Healthy & Thriving?
  • Physicality & Habits
  • Your Purpose – what deeply fulfills you ?
  • Prosperity & Mission

All together, the sequence of these genetic keys or codons are called your “Golden Path” and are a powerful transmission for self-awareness, transformation, integration and embodiment of your ‘Divinity’ and the higher purpose of your incarnation, your human journey here on this beautiful planet.
The Kingdom of God truly is — within us!

Sonya Sun Heart – A Unique, Divine Destiny Transformational Program to assist you on your Life Path

Empowering yourself by loving your body will take you on a compelling journey of reclaiming your essence & freeing yourself from the shackles of fear and self-doubt.

Imagine what your life will be like when you speak from the heart of your powerful, coherent strength & confidence!
The path to thriving as a whole and complete human being is learning to love & honour yourself.

From there, everything may align : your relationships with food, your body, and other people in your life. Connect to your passion as you release inhibitions and claim your sensuality and aliveness. Discover a new relationship with food that will last a lifetime. Recharge all your relationships with new intimacy and connection. Fall in love with yourself and blossom into the empowered leader you are meant to be!
Sonya Sun Heart can help of our top Divine Destiny transformational Program. You will discover and embody your soul purpose & live your best life.

Sonya Sun Heart is one of the top Divine Destiny Transformation which has changed many people’s lives.
Clients have made major improvements and changes for themselves with the help of this one-on-one guided lifestyle transformation program.
Getting physically active can have enormous benefits for your confidence! Every time you choose to improve your health, increase your strength or focus your mind, you empower yourself. You are building a more muscular body & mind!

When you feel those changes & see your ability improving, it can encourage you to keep going. Just like a personal coach in a gym, accountability and weekly check-ins are and important part of this amazing transformation program.
Achieving your health, fitness, prosperity and relationship goals takes focus, intent and dedication to your life’s journey ~ to ascend or grow into the higher version of yourself.

Thank you for choosing to embody your divine destiny ! ~