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30 Day Holistic

30 Day Holistic (Mind, Body, Spirit) Alignment with your Best Life ~ Personalized Guidance program 

In this 30-day Mentorship program, I will guide you into your chosen alignment with your highest timeline so you can be free to live and embody your best life ever, be clear-minded , courageous stand in your truth & sovereignty.
Through 4 weekly 90minute sessions, we will be working closely together, one to one, in a safe and nurturing sacred space.

Look at and deepen your understanding of your true self using tools such as your hologenic (Starmap’ blueprint of your birth), akashic records (past live and memories), any repetitive , negative, relationship/family & partner issues, etc.

Focus the attention and intention on releasing any ener-chi blockages

De-program the mind from the old, limiting ways

Re-program the mind (neuro- based in ancient yoga and quantum science).

Yogic wisdom, pineal gland decalcification and breathwork techniques to strengthen on all levels (mind, body, spirit).

Meditations, voice toning exercises and sound baths for deep relaxation and chakra alignment

A 10 day Total Body Detox cleanse

Learn to incorporate herbs and minerals into your nutrition.

Natural Self-care & beauty practices & rituals for a youthful face & body

Increase your libido and natural fertility

Heart-Mind Coherence practices & meditations (based on the heart-math institute).

Learn how to trust your inner wisdom way knowing : Known as INtuition And all else that is in alignment so you may embody and live your best life! Cost : 333$

Cost : 333$