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Terms Of Service


Although Sonya feels very confidant that working together on this personalized wellness journey will be greatly beneficial for you, she cannot guarantee that the information and coaching services will transform or change you in the way that you may think or imagine. Habits and healing can take more time to change and is different for each person, hence the reason for a one-on-one personalized program. (There is the possibility of renewing/continuing for 30 days at a time if both parties believe it to be beneficial).

This contract honours the unique insights, professional experience and intuitive advice and guidance that Sonya’s  services offer. After the initial 15 minute initial call , a confirmation is sent to announce that we are a match and may begin working together during the timeframe decided upon (90minutes, 30days or 90 days). +++ NOTE  *** The informational guidance she shares in her sessions should not be substituted for any professional medical, legal, financial, or psychiatric advice or guidance.

* Please be advised that No Full Refunds are available once the agreement is made. However , you may opt out of the program after 3 sessions if it truly doesn’t resonate and the remaining balance will be returned ( + a charge of 100$US). Thank you making this conscience decision to “Know & Heal Thyself” !